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Rishav Anand,

Tech Consultant


I empower companies in Crafting Digital Solutions


Featured Work

I design and build digital products that are both beautiful and robust.


Digital Product
A single place to store all your data, from browser history to medical records. I created a distributed cloud storage platform with Braincities Lab. In addition to being a cloud storage, it utilizes the Blockchain technology to provide security and reliability.
Full Stack Cloud APIs Dashboard


Digital Product
I worked with Exponents Insta USA Inc. to create a powerful new interaction layer for their existing virtual exhibitions. This layer offers real-time features such as video calling, web chatting, file downloading, user tracking, and lead management for a truly immersive experience.
Full Stack Real Time APIs Dashboard


Internal App
An internal university app for students and teachers to facilitate better communication. It is bundled with features like chat, file downloads, video calls and appointment booking. A cross platform app, made with React Native, that runs the same code on Android and iOS devices.
Full Stack Mobile App Firebase Video Call

What type of project do you need help with?

I'll work closely with you to design a new product or redesign an existing website while striving for tangible business outcomes.

Websites & Web Apps

  • You have an existing app or website that needs more features.
  • You have an idea that needs execution through custom app development work.
  • You have an existing app or website that needs a performance boost through optimizations.
  • You have an existing website that needs to be converted into a mobile app.

Cloud Services

  • You have an existing cloud service that needs more features.
  • You have an idea that needs execution through custom cloud development and deployment.
  • You have an existing app or website that needs a performance boost through scaling and optimizations.
  • You have an existing app that needs to be converted into a cloud application.

Let me tell you a bit more about me

A brief intro.
Remote since2013

I'm a highly skilled Principal Architect with a passion for crafting innovative software solutions. With a proven track record of optimizing performance and collaborating with teams to shape unique features, I excel in using cutting-edge tools and technologies.

My GitHub project, "GitHub Profilinator," is widely recognized with over 900 stars. Certified in AWS as a Solutions Architect Associate and in Microsoft Azure as an Azure Developer Associate, I have a comprehensive understanding of cloud technologies.

Having served as a Software Development Consultant and Lead Software Developer, I have a strong proficiency in JavaScript, Typescript, Python, SQL, ReactJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, Postgres, AWS, Azure, Ethereum, NodeJS, Git, and Docker. I thrive in delivering robust solutions, integrating payment systems, creating dynamic frontends, implementing real-time features, and deploying scalable solutions.

Passionate about technology and driven by excellence, I am eager to tackle new challenges and drive exceptional results.


AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate CERTIFICATE

Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate CERTIFICATE


What people have to say

I have developed complex web software for startups and businesses to directly impact thousands of users.


CEO @ Braincities Lab
"When you combine talent and hard work you can reach amazing results. Rishav is an incredible engineer, humble, volunteer, he always overcomes my expectation. It has been and it will always be a pleasure building, breaking, improving incredible pieces of technology with him. Thank you for your hard work."

R. A. Lelito

Product Developer @ Distractive Media, Inc
"I had the honor of working with Rishav for approximately two (2) years. Without exception, Rishav is/was one of the best backend developers I know. As a senior executive, I have managed more than 200 personnel at any given time for such global tech companies as WorldCom, GTE, Verizon, & Bechtel. From operations to product development. Rishav excelled at every challenge presented. His attitude is formidable. His knowledge superior. His curiosity is limitless. And his desire to succeed unparalleled. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Rishav, you will indeed be honored and impressed with his character and integrity."

Linda Ravindran

Co-Founder @ Headway.ai
"Rishav is quick at relating to the use case, designing & adept in backend and frontend development. He brings interesting perspectives to the discussion that help in solutioning with ease. He has a keen sense of curiosity, likes to delve deep into complex problems & great attention to detail. He is articulate with a calm and composed demeanor. It's great to work with him!"

Devendra Patkie

COO @ Insta Group
"Rishav is a self motivated and competent professional in the software development field. He understands the customer requirements in detail and provides solutions within his domain; strives for improvement till he gets the green flag from the stakeholders. He is also well versed with the business targets that his clients want to achieve. Overall, a reliable and highly recommended developer."

Rohan Prasad

Software Engineer @ Microsoft
"Rishav and I worked together in many projects be it a Hackathon , Commercial or an Opensource project and had a great experience with him. He is highly passionate about technolgies and loves to bring them into implementation quickly and see things moving around. He also has a great planning skills as well which always adds an advantage to the team he is working with."

Mayank Pathela

Full Stack Developer II @ Derq
"I had worked alongside Rishav on many projects and discussed various aspects of implementing software solutions for our use case. He had a positive attitude and dedication to his work. It was great working with him."

Got a project in mind?

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